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How did the story begin?

The story began with a young girl who was injured in the Syrian war, suffering spinal cord injuries that resulted in partial paralysis.

Our goal was to help her, especially since her sister was a team member, despite the limited resources due to economic sanctions in Syria.

About US

the Goal

We initially created a traditional device to assist with mobility, utilizing the available expertise.

Subsequently, we completely redesigned the device to meet international standards, obtaining a patent and a gold medal.

What we do

Company launch

We then developed high-tech solutions and established our startup company Exotech to manufacture mobility-assisting devices.

A healing touch to heal you completely.

We applied the device to many patients and got very impressive results

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Exotech exoskeletons

One of the lightest structures in the world

Comfortable movements

Physical processing techniques based on artificial intelligence

The devices enable patients to recover motor memory

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